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TIMBRUS is an international project that specializes in
producing a brand new wine of premium quality. The name of the project took its roots from a word timbru» meaning a fiscal or postage stamp. A stamp is a unique symbol of a letter that is delivered to its recipient personally.
TIMBRUS in its turn is a personal message of the winemaker sent to discerning wine lovers worldwide. This message is created by an extraordinary and renowned Spanish wine maker, who ventured to Moldova and found himself wanting to create his art there. The message contains a secret of a unique wine. But this intriguing mystery can’t be understood by simply reading or seeing the message. One can solve it only by tasting this wine.
The history of the project goes back to the time when the land in Purcari - the most famous winemaking region in Moldova - was purchased. It is the region which sets wines of an outstanding European quality being produced from as far back as 19th century. The choice of terroir for the creation of TIMBRUS wines was the fundamental decision taken by the partner of the project, a well-known European specialist in the sphere of viticulture and wine production.

Georgian Wine Cellar
Georgian Wine Bottles

The TIMBRUS oenologist takes part in the process of wine elaboration, beginning from the vine planting up to the stages of production and bottling. Based on such approach it enabled TIMBRUS to create sophisticated and exquisite wines prominent for their truly excellent European style within the already established and award-winning region of Purcari.Being born in the unique blend of Purcari’s climatic conditions and coupled with the exciting Moldovan winemaking traditions as well as the skills of the European specialist in the area of wine production, TIMBRUS wines embody a uniquely designed view of the future of Moldovan vinification.

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