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Georgia is the world’s oldest winemaking region where it all began some 8000 years ago. Since ancient times love to the wine has been deeply rooted in the cultural values, beliefs and customs of the Georgian people. From here viniculture started spreading around the globe.

Nowadays Georgian wine has again become a real discovery and a genuine paradise for anyone longing for something above and beyond ordinary taste and quality. Apart from its still existing unique technique of winemaking in clay vessels  – qvevri – Georgia is home to more than 500 autochthonous varieties of grapes such as  Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kisi, Mtsvane.

With ancient and modern winemaking equipment these varieties of grapes produce wines with aromas and tastes unknown anywhere else on earth. No wonder that Georgia has become a hot spot for winemaking creativity and palatable discoveries.

Georgian Wine
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