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Ancient Valley

Our story starts back in 1990, when Georgia finally got its well-deserved independence, the founder of our company got back to his homeland from booming urban life and started growing endemic vineyards.

Since then we are dedicated to crafting exceptional wines. Made with attention to details and lots of love, our sunlit vineyards are the combination of the unique terroir and the best grapes harvested manually. Our wines are grown with love and respect for the land. As part of the agricultural industry, we fully depend on our surrounding, just as it depends on us.

We believe wine is something everyone must enjoy. And there is no better feeling than uncorking a bottle of wine produced by Ancient Valley.

Glass of Georgian Wine
Georgian Wine

Cradle of Wine

Wine with centuries-old history and authenticity, reflecting the human love for the gifts of its nature. Touching the exquisite, natural taste of this wine, makes everyone feel special, exceptional and unique.

Highland Wines

Racha-Lechkhumi region – Georgia’s one of the mountain wine growing regions which lends its own personal touch to the varieties grown here and produces unique and diverse wines, with different flavours and characteristics being derived from this soil, climate and the winemakers that create them.

Highland Georgian Wine
Lowland Georgian Wine

Lowland Wines

Kakheti can truly be called the priceless treasure of Georgia. Its land gives us unique grape varieties that are recognized throughout the world as one of the best. Our wines from Kakheti combine refinement and unforgettable taste.

Georgian Wine Growers

Ancient Valley shares a commitment to rural life and a vision of sustainable and responsible growth. We are committed to making a positive impact on the well-being of our local farmers.

We empower people and ensure each individual understands the importance of their contribution in achieving ongoing success. Our local farmers and vine growers are central to everything we do as a business. And we strive to create the best working environment that ensures they feel valued, appreciated and happy.

Georgian Wine Grower
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