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Georgian Wine



Winery Mtevino is the new Georgian wine producing company, which is a modern conceptual space based on Georgian guest-host traditions. 

Cellar is located in the village of Khashmi, Sagarejo district, 40 km from Tbilisi.

Mtevino is the perfect place to discover Georgian wine and wine traditions.

About Mtevino

Georgia is the birhplace of wine. The first cultural varieties of grapes has originated here thousands of years ago. Winery Mtevino creates fine wines for local and international market.
Our professional team of winemakers always try to select grapes from the best vineyards of all famous micro zones of Georgia their hard and tireless work determines creation of fine wines using both European and ancient Georgian (fermenting in kvevri) technologies.

Georgian Wine Vineyard
Georgian Winery


The winery, equipped in accordance with requirements of the modern European standards, produces 8 types of wines. Wines are made using both the classical European and traditional Georgian (Kakhetian, Qvevri) technologies.

Wine Tour

Wines produced using the European method: Rkatsiteli (white dry), Saperavi (red dry), Khashmi Saperavi (red dry, protected designation of origin), Mukuzani (red dry, protected designation of origin), Kindzmarauli (red semi-sweet, protected designation of origin).

Wines produced using the Georgian traditional Qvevri method: Rkatsiteli (white dry), Mtsvane (white dry), Saperavi (red dry), Rkatsiteli - Mtsvane  (white dry) .

Georgian Wine Tour
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