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Georgian Wine

Vaziani Winery

Enjoy Georgian Wine from

Georgian winery Vaziani was founded in 1982 and modernized in 2012. The restructured factory has been equipped with the modern Italian equipment and the reservoirs made of non-corrosive metal. This is a unique enterprise with a closed production circle, which starts from the selection of grapes and ends with the creation of a final product, which fully corresponds to ISO22000-2015 international standards.

  History of Vaziani starts in 1982. The manufactory has been established based on the Telavi winery No.1 and it is a worthy successor of the traditions of the Georgian wine production.

In the post-soviet era, the problems arisen in the viniculture led to the establishment of the new company that was called a souvenir producing factory, goal of which was, opposite to the low quality wines produced from the 70-s, production of the gift bottling of the best Georgian wine brands of the highest quality, thus maintaining image of the well-known brands of wine. The experiment paid off and today Vaziani is proud of that story.

Makashvili Wine Cellar

Traditional Georgian Wine from Qvevri

Georgia is the homeland of wine where it was laid the foundation of the qvevri wines produced according to the Georgian wine technology.

Production of the classic Georgian qvevri wines of the Makashvili winery is related to the Prince Makashvili family.

Best qvevri wines were produced of the grapes harvested in the King’s nobles’ Makashvili estate. Honorary guests visiting Kakheti region were treated with these Georgian wines.

Today, the company founded by the descendants of this family produces the qvevri wines that meet the strictest taste of the experts and refined taste of the wine lovers, which led to the highest awards for these wines at numerous prestigious international competitions.

Glass of Georgian Wine
Georgian Wine in Qvevri Vessel

Georgian Wine Classics -Qvevri Vessels Of Makashvili Wine Cellar

The traditional Qvevri winemaking method is up 8000 years old and is still in use; Vaziani Winery is a dignified representative of the mentioned rich cultural and historical experience. Makashvili Wine Cellar, owned by Vaziani, has its origins in the Makashvili estate of the second part of XV century. There are more than 120 years old Qvevri vessels in Cellar which were found underground of Vaziani Winery while winery reconstruc­tion in 2012 year. From arround 200 found Qvevri vessels only 39 of them could be safe from damages. The wines are preciesly made in accordance of traditional Qvevri winemaking method in century-old qvevri vessels and produced in limited quantities, which had received worldwide recognition.

Georgia is Recognized as The Cradle of Wine

The world scientific community has confirmed that the most ancient traces of the viniculture were discovered proper at the territory of Georgia, from where the viniculture has spread around the world greatly influencing formation of the agriculture, peoples cultures, biology, medicine and civilizations in general.

One of the highest rated scientific magazines of the world – PNAS published an article titled “georgian Early Neolithic wines from the Southern Caucasus”. The article refers to the newly conducted multidiscipline research of the archaeologic materials discovered at the territory of Georgia, confirming that the tribes dwelling here already produced wine 8000 years ago. Authors of the said research together with the Georgians, are the scientists from the USA, France, Italy, Canada, Denmark and Israel.

Cité des Civilisations Du Vin in Bordeaux, France hosted the exhibition “Georgia – the Cradle of Wine”. Georgia was the first invited country to the Cité des Civilisations Du Vin in Bordeaux. Within the framework of the exhibition, unique archeological and ethnographic samples from the Georgian National Museum were presented, confirming that Georgia is the country of the most ancient wine civilization.


Vaziani Winery will offer premium quality wines, to  its loyal consumers, create from its own vineyards located in Gremi and Eniseli  in Kindzmarauli Microzone, Kakheti Region. Harvesting is done by hand, at the top of grape ripeness, at the end of September – the beginning of October. Above mentioned vineyards basically consists of Saperavi and Rkatsiteli grape varieties, as well as such rare varieties as Kisi, Khikhvi, Krakhuna, Tsitska, Usakhelouri, Chardonnay and Kakhetian Mtsvane.

Georgian Wine
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