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Enjoy the Fine Georgian Brandy

Imported to the US by Corus Imports 

Georgian Brandy


JSC SARAJISHVILI was founded in 1884 by Mr. David Sarajishvili, a famous Georgian entrepreneur and public man, a doctor of  Chemistry and Philosophy.


He was the first in the whole Russian empire of those days to produce Georgian brandy by using the classic French technology. Sarajishvili was one of the most successful companies not only in Georgia, but in the entire region.


For the great quality of their products Sarajishvili factory was awarded the title of “Purveyor to the Court of  His Majesty Russian Emperor”. Keeping old traditions, JSC Sarajishvili today is an honorable follower of the great ancestor’s path.

Along with the unique brandy spirits distilled by Sarajishvili himself, raw materials pro­duced from almost every year’s harvest of the 20th and 21st centuries are kept in the warehouses of the company.


Due to their geographical place of origin and age diversity, JSC Sarajishvili produces Georgian brandy of  the best quality. 194 prizes which the company has received at different international exhibitions and contests since the 19th century can serve as the evidence of it: 22 Grand Prix, 128 gold medals, 36 silver and 11 bronze medals.




MARANI started Chacha production in late 90th. Multiple choices of grape varieties and company owned distillery, enables us to distill pomace right after fermentation and retain specific varietal taste and aromatic nuances.

Chacha is a Georgian pomace brandy, a clear and strong, which is sometimes called "vine vodka", "grape vodka", or "Georgian vodka/grappa".


It is made of grape pomace (grape residue left after making wine). The term chacha is used in Georgia to refer to any type of moonshine made of fruits, though it most commonly refers to grape distillate. It may be also produced from unripe or wild grapes. Other common fruits used are figs, tangerines, oranges, or mulberries.

Originally only a homebrewed drink of Georgian farmers, it is today also produced by professional distillers. One of the most famous chacha products is the Binekhi Estragon, which became distinguished with the silver medal at the 2007 Mundus Vini awards.

Georgian Vodka/Grappa

Good Quality Russian Vodka RUSSIAN DIAMOND &

Canadian Vodka from North American Distillers

Imported in the US by Corus Imports

Russian Diamond Vodka


Russian Diamond vodka is distinguished by its fresh and smooth taste, which makes it a perfect aperitif or a cocktail ingredient. The quality of the product is recognized by the leading industry. 

Distinct bottle and the label are designed by Claessens - the leading design agency in the beverage industry, and produced by Saverglass in France.

Russian Diamond is a premium segment product. The unique complex process of creating Russian Diamond lasts 7 days.

It utilizes patented multi-stage filtration, including quartz sand, active charcoal, coconut charcoal, and a silver filter, with a diamond filter at its final stage, with the vodka blend resting after each phase of filtration.

The quality of this perfect vodka is attributed to the expertise of blenders, the use of the purest artesian water, best class “LUX” spirits, permanent quality control under ISO 9001, and unique, patented spirit production and filtration systems.


Canadian Vodka is crafted by North American expert distillers and is made from finest Canadian grain, four times distilled, and mixed with pure water using a new chilling process. The success of Canadian Vodka rests on high product standards, high quality crops grown in fertile soil, and a long tradition

of proven distilling techniques.

Canadian Vodka producers operate under strict health, safety and quality regulations enforced by the Federal Government.


These regulations and standards have helped Canadian Vodka products earn an international reputation for a great taste. Canadian Vodka has a unique smoothness like no

other vodka.

Canadian Vodka
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