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5 reasons to love Saperavi from Timbrus

5 reasons to love saperavi from Timbrus

Rich Taste. Saperavi has a rich, varied taste and aroma with hints of smoked prunes, dried sour cherries, ripe figs, pomegranate seeds and chocolate.

Potential. Saperavi is exactly the wine that “ages” beautifully. As a result of aging in a bottle, the aroma and taste of this wine develops and gains strength and fullness. Moreover, it is believed that the "older" Saperavi, the better.

Universality. Saperavi grapes are good both for excellent monosort wines, and due to its taste characteristics, deep ruby color and tannin content it is added to blends, which allows to make them more saturated in color, more full-bodied in taste and makes possible their long-term storage.

Gastronomy. Saperavi perfectly matches meat, spicy and salty dishes, and ripened cheese.

Tradition. Saperavi is considered the oldest grape variety. The exposition of the London winemaking museum begins with it, because it is this variety that some experts find the most similar to the grapes from which a human made the first wine.

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