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Batono georgian WIne


Winery "Batono" was established in 2003. The founders all had many years of experience in the wine making industry. When the idea of creating the company was born, the founders' main objective was based on  the combined experience, to produce the highest quality wines using modern technology and ancient traditions of ancestors.

The company cultivates traditional Georgian grape varieties - Saperavi, Alexandrouli, Mujuretuli, Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Kisi and Khikhvi, and maintains full production cycle, from vine cultivation to winemaking, to bottling and distribution. 

Parcells for company vineyards were carefully selected in some of the most unique micro-zones of Georgia:  Sagarejo, Napareuli and Ambrolauri, where the soil is rich with lime-stone, which has excellent drainage structure, and is the source of acidity needed for grape vines to strive. This type of soil also distributes the sunlight evenly, which warms grape bunches from all sides.

The unique stable climate in these micro-zones is the main reason of excellent taste of "Batono" wines.

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