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Moldovan Wine – the Undiscovered Treasure

If you consider yourself to be a real wine lover, whether you’re an ordinary wine consumer or perhaps a skilled wine connoisseur, you’ll certainly never stop tasting wines, being open for new, extraordinary and simply opulent tastes and bouquets.

The problem is that there are fewer and fewer opportunities to be surprised when it comes to those globally acknowledged wine makers as France, Italy and Spain. It’s evident that these top 3 major wine regions produce exceptional quality wines, which are constantly in great demand. However, being stunningly classic and conservative, these wines offer the very same experience.

That is why, those wine lovers, who are inspired by the idea of new discoveries, can be recommended to turn their priceless attention to a splendid assortment of excellent wines, produced in Moldova. This small South-Eastern European country comes into the global spotlight, being rightfully distinguished for its unique wines.

There’s no surprise if you’ve never heard about Moldovan wines before. Moldova is a newcomer in a wine run on the international wine market. Still, this ex-Soviet country has all the chances to become one of the world’s outstanding wine producers due to such unquestionable advantages as soft climate, fertile soils and developed viticulture.

The ambitious targets of Moldovan wine makers can be explained by the fact that their land features all the favorable conditions to make excellent wines, which are both authentic and high quality. Lots of celebrities and wine experts from all over the world have already recognized the impressive gustative and visual qualities of Moldovan wines, comparing them to French noble ones. At the same time, the affordable price of Moldovan wines makes them particularly competitive and popular.

What’s more, Moldova is located at 46-47˚ latitude, just like Burgundy along with other famous wine regions in Europe. So, this fertile land has 112 thousand hectares of vineyard planted with over 50 types of technical varieties, which include West European, Caucasian and also indigenous grape varieties. The unique Moldovan wine varieties such as Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Regala, Feteasca Neagra, Rara Neagra, Plavai, Viorica, etc. make a distinct niche of the local wine industry, since they are of particular interest to wine tourists.

Despite the fact that Moldovan viticulture is gathering pace right now, getting the expected international recognition, it has a long history, rooted in ancient times. Thus, grape cultivation on the territory of modern-day Moldova can be traced to the 5th millennium BC. Consequently, the local viticulture was circumstanced by the diverse political conditions, when the territory of the country was absorbed by the Rome Empire and much later Russian Empire. During the era of the Russian Empire, Moldovan viticulture obtained a much-deserved recognition on the part of the reputed wine producing countries, among which was France.

The history of Moldova, as well as the lifestyle of its natives, is unthinkable without viticulture, which finds its reflection in Moldovan folklore. Thus, there are many Moldovan legends that narrate about the brilliant healing properties of grapes and wine. Besides this, the symbol of a bunch of grapes is always associated in Moldova with hopefulness, brightness and goodness, while wine – wellness and wealth, which are the real treasures of Moldovan people.

Just like the inviting bouquet of Moldovan wine, Moldovan people are hospitable, generous and cheerful. They are always ready to serve you with their home-made wine. So, remember that life is too short to never visit Moldova and also never give Moldovan wine a try!


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