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Georgian Wine Regions

Georgian Wine Regions Tour

If you are into wine and Georgia has never been on your tour bucket list, all we can tell you is – you are missing out! Luckily, it is not too late to change this. Because Georgian wine is and will always be having a moment. According to Forbes, Georgia exported approximately 110 million bottles of wine to more than 60 countries globally in 2022.

Today, Georgia is home to over 500 indigenous grape varieties. These varieties still make wine through a traditional method in Qvevri, a traditional clay vessel with an egg shape.

But the classical European winemaking method is also practiced in several wine regions in Georgia. Some of these regions include the following:


Kakheti is one of the most important winemaking regions in Georgia. The common vineyards producing the best wines are based in the lori basins and Alazani.

Of 25 aboriginal Georgian wines collected and registered in the country, 19 come from Kakheti. Among the varieties of grapes that you should note are the following:

  • Kakhetian Green

  • Rkatsiteli

  • Saperavi

  • Sapena

  • Mtsvivana

  • Budeshuri


This region is a notable wine-making region in the country. It is well-known for its high-quality wines and classic European style.

Its vineyards are usually refined above sea level in the extensive basins of rivers Ksani, Liakhvi, and Mtkvari, as well as its tributaries.

Racha- Lechkhumi

Racha is a distinguished winemaking region in Georgia because of its unique grape varieties and scarcity of vineyards.

Among the most widespread varieties of grapes you can see in the region include Aleksandrouli, Rachuli Dzelshavi, Orbeluri, Usakhelauri, Mudjuretuli, and Tsolikouri, to name a few. And the vineyards in this region are mostly found on the slopes of the River Rioni gorge.

Black Sea Coastal Zone

Winemaking and viticulture of this region are based along the Black Sea area. The vineyards in the region are at around 4m above sea level and extend up to around 500m.

In some areas, the region’s climate is humid, subtropical, and wet. This explains why the vine has a longer vegetation period.


This is likely the highest mountain viticulture region, not just in the country but also in the world. The vineyard is based here at around 1600 meters above sea level.

The viticulture of Meshkhetians means vineyards and gardens on terraces with several names, including Bakani, Dariji, Saqve, or Oroko.


Imereti is a diverse winemaking region in the country. Because of its unique soil composition and climatic conditions, the region’s wines are different. Some of the grape varieties spreading in the region include the following:

  • Vani Chkhaveri

  • Aladasturi

  • Dzelshavi

  • Black Dondghlabi

  • Rko

  • Bzvanura

  • Adanasuri

  • Krakhuna

The Takeaway!

With over 7,500-year winemaking history, there is nowhere in this world where you can enjoy wine from a more historic perspective than in this country, Georgia. It is easy to see this in how Georgian wine is brewed.

If you have yet to test it, you should order one to fully understand how different techniques and styles can affect the characteristics and flavors of wine. Without this uniqueness, you can’t grasp the intricacy of wine.


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