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Georgian wine specially bottled for NATO Summit in Warsaw

Specially-bottled Georgian wine will be served to the participants of NATO Summit in Warsaw. The NATO Summit opens today in the capital of Poland. Georgian wine will be handed over as gifts to the foreign ministers of the Member States of the Alliance taking part in the NATO-Georgia Commission meeting. Polish Defense Ministry will also treat its guests with Georgian wine during special dinner for defence ministers during the Summit. The wine, produced by Telavi Wine Cellar (brand name Marani), has special labels featuring the NATO Summit logo and an indication that the wine was made exclusively for the Warsaw Summit. For the Summit, Marani has bottled red and white wines - Saperavi and Mtsvane-Kisi. Georgian Foreign Ministry has announced the wine for NATO Summit was produced at Ministry's initiative. Over 50 official delegations will participate in the Summit, including 28 NATO allies, and representatives from other countries and international organizations. About 2,500 official delegates and 2,000 media representatives are expected to attend the Summit. A few days prior to NATO summit, during official visit to Georgia, US Secretary of State John Kerry praised Georgian wine and food saying "Since I tasted khachapuri and brilliant wine here I am surprised why I have not visited Georgia so far".

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