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It was in 1980 that Mr. Henri Sarrail, passionate about wine, fell under the charm of this fabulous vineyard and decided to bring it back to life. Curious and demanding, he studied the ground, the vines and was immediately aware of the strong potential of the “terroir”. His son, Jean-Luc Sarrail, took on the family venture in 2000 and enlarged the workforce. He was joined in 2005 by his son Albert Sarrail. Albert, dynamic and ambitious, decided that he wanted to make the unique quality of these wines from the city of Carcassonne known around the world. With the help of Ana Gonzalez, a recognised oenologist in the trade, the gamble has paid off. The accord between carefully selected grape varieties, the soil and the climate is a success ! ”At the Sarrail vineyard, wine is a family story, handed down from generation to generation.” Albert Sarrail

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