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Georgian wine, tasting history There’s really no other way to explain it. Blood, sweat, boundless patience and tears have gone into the cultivation and production of Georgian wine. This is because Georgian wine is steeped in tradition. 8000 years of tradition, to be exact. The history of Georgia runs parallel to the culture of Georgian winemaking. These two factors are inseparable and inherent in one another’s identity. Georgia is the oldest wine-making region in the world. In the middle of this fertile land sits the valleys of the South Caucasus. It’s here that scientists have discovered evidence that points to the world’s first harvesting of grapevines. With this beautiful Georgian traditi

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Batono Winery Georgian wines The history of “Batono” takes its origin in the far past. Company owners’ predecessors during the centuries were occupied by grapevines’ cultivating and wine producing. They owned small vineyards within the Tokhliauri village area (Eastern Georgia, Kakheti), which were descended through generations and established ancestral tradition of family vineyards care. After USSR collapse and admission of private property, the owners have made a decision on enlargement of their vineyards and establishment vine producing company. This is the history of establishment of “Batono”, which produces high quality products and offers Georgian wine to numerous countries all over the